Categories, Divisions & Accreditation Requirements

Members can apply for a total of 2 Divisional Awards in their Primary/Secondary Industry Division PLUS 2 Supplementary Awards

Best Aftermarket & Retail BusinessSmall BusinessGDNo 


VTDA members can apply in:
– Best Tyre Dealer categories

Best Aftermarket & Retail BusinessLarge BusinessGDNo
Best Auto ElectricalSmall BusinessAEDYes 
Best Auto ElectricalLarge BusinessAEDYes 
Best Auto RecyclerSmall BusinessADRDYes 
Best Auto RecyclerLarge BusinessADRDYes 
Best Body Repairer – Passenger VehicleSmall BusinessBRDYes 
Best Body Repairer – Passenger VehicleLarge BusinessBRDYes 
Best Commercial Vehicle Body RepairerOpenCVIAVYes 
Best Commercial Vehicle DealerSmall BusinessCVIAVYes 
Best Commercial Vehicle DealerLarge BusinessCVIAVYes 
Best Commercial Vehicle ManufacturerOpenCVIAVYes 
Best Engine ReconditionerSmall BusinessERAVYes 
Best Engine ReconditionerLarge BusinessERAVYes 
Best Farm Machinery DealerSmall BusinessFIMDAYes 
Best Farm Machinery DealerLarge BusinessFIMDAYes 
Best General Division BusinessSmall BusinessGDNo 
Best General Division BusinessLarge BusinessGDNo 
Best Heavy Towing (HTT) Operator – StatewideOpenTODYes 
Best Heavy Vehicle Equipment ManufacturerOpenGD / CVIAVNo 
Best Mechanical – Light Engines
(motorcycle, powered engines and marine)
Small BusinessARD / ERAV / GD / MIDNo 
Best Mechanical – Light Engines
(motorcycle, powered engines and marine)
Large BusinessARD / ERAV / GD / MIDNo 
Best Mechanical, Light Vehicle – MetropolitanSmall BusinessARDYes 


VADA members can apply in either:
– Best Mechanical, Light Vehicle – Metropolitan New Car Dealers
– Best Mechanical, Light Vehicle – Regional New Car Dealers

Best Mechanical, Light Vehicle – MetropolitanLarge BusinessARDYes
Best Mechanical, Light Vehicle – RegionalSmall BusinessARDYes
Best Mechanical, Light Vehicle – RegionalLarge BusinessARDYes
Best Mechanical, Light Vehicle – Metro New Car DealerOpenVADAYes 


Only applicable to VADA members

Best Mechanical, Light Vehicle – Regional New Car DealerOpenVADAYes
Best Mechanical, Heavy VehicleSmall BusinessCVIAV / ARDYes 


Heavy vehicles over 2.7 tonnes

Best Mechanical, Heavy VehicleLarge BusinessCVIAV / ARDYes
Best Metro Accident (allocated) Towing OperatorOpenTODYes 
Best Motorcycle DealerSmall BusinessMIDYes 
Best Motorcycle DealerLarge BusinessMIDYes 
Best New Car Dealer*Small BusinessVADAYes*24 or less FTEs – Full Time Equivalent (employees)
Best New Car Dealer*Large BusinessVADAYes*25 or more FTEs – Full Time Equivalent (employees)
Best Parts / Component ManufacturerOpenGD / CVIAVNo 
Best Regional Accident Towing OperatorOpenTODYes 
Best Service Station & Convenience StoreSmall BusinessSSCDYes 
Best Service Station & Convenience StoreLarge BusinessSSCDYes 
Best Trade Towing Operator – StatewideOpenTOD / GDNo 
Best Transmission SpecialistSmall BusinessATSGYes 
Best Transmission SpecialistLarge BusinessATSGYes 
Best Tyre DealerSmall BusinessVTDAYes 
Best Tyre DealerLarge BusinessVTDAYes
Best Used Car DealerSmall BusinessUCTDYes 
Best Used Car DealerLarge BusinessUCTDYes 
Best Business Woman in AutomotiveOpenALLNoSpecial conditions apply
Best Restoration Project
(Body, Mechanical, Overall)
OpenALLNoSpecial conditions apply
* 1 award
Unsung Hero AwardOpenALLNoSpecial conditions apply
* 2 awards
Young Entrepreneur of the YearOpenALLNoSpecial conditions apply


* Applicable to 16-35 years of age

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